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The Central Library


Special Needs Rooms

These rooms are designed for library users with visual impairments who wish to use the library's collection. Library staff or volunteers are available to read materials out loud. The library also provides reading machines and screen readers to support reading. It is also possible to use the equipment to create and edit recordings of materials.

Reading Area

This is an open space set apart from the stacks where users may peruse library materials.

Children's Reading Rooms

Children and their caregivers may use these rooms for reading sessions. When the rooms are not in use, they are available for general library users.

Internet Access

Library users can access the Internet to collect information. The space is also suitable for children.

Mobile Phone Booths

The library provides mobile phone booths if you wish to use your mobile phone on the library premises.

Nursing Rooms

The facilities for children include a nursing room with a changing table.

Reserved Books Shelves

This is where reserved books are placed when they are ready for loan. You may find and borrow your book by using its IC tag.

Self-checkout units (Also available on the 4th floor)

You may use these machines to check out your books. A machine is also available in the children's section.


Vienna Section

This section stocks materials (books, CDs) and objects presented to the library from the public library in the Hernals district of Vienna, which is a friendship city of Fuchu, as well as material about Vienna from the library's own collection. The space provides a pleasant setting to experience the art, history, culture and natural environment of Vienna through these materials. Facilities for listening to CDs are available.

Individual and Group Research Rooms

The library provides these rooms for those who wish to do research and write using materials in the library.

Internet and Database Searching

These facilities allow users to gather information from the Internet and online databases.

Audio Booths

Library users may access audiovisual materials from the library stock (cassette tapes, CDs, videos, DVDs, laser discs) . (Four booths for individual use, two booths for pair use, four booths for three people)

Young Adults Rooms

These rooms are stocked with books that are popular with young adult readers (junior high/ senior high school students) as well as classics that may appeal to younger readers, and books that provide counsel on lifestyle and career choices. The rooms can also be used for studying and reading.


Study Rooms

Users may bring library materials, their own materials or laptops and use these rooms for study purposes.